Henchman Industries

Welcome to Henchman Products Pty Ltd, operating in Australia and New Zealand - Australian Owned and Operated since 1999.

Henchman is indisputably the market leader for technicians and engineers tools, providing an extensive range of high-grade, industrial-level tools and toolkits for the Aircraft Industry and Electronics field. Building on our strengths, we have continued over the years to grow our range of specialised products to broaden our target market into other areas such as the Mining Industry. Today our unrivalled capabilities and solutions drive our supply of tools and equipment used in Aerospace, Mining, Rail, Automotive, Defence, Emergency and more.

Our experience in dealing with the best products on the global market, coupled with our vision to provide the best service available, makes dealing with Henchman the Ultimate "tool buying" experience.

Our wide range of products for Australia and New Zealand include:

Amprobe Instruments;  Andilog Torque and Pull Testers;  Apex Scredriver Bits;  Armstrong Wrenches & Sockets;  ASA Screwdrivers;  Astro Connector Tooling;  Atrix Toner Vacuum Cleaners;  Bernstein Tools;  Boelube Lubricants;  Burraway Deburring tools;  Charleswater ESD Static Control;  Cherrymax Riveters;  Clayton Dustless Sanding;  Cleco Temporary Fasteners;  Corex Wire Strippers;  County Component Counters;  CP Desoutter;  Cratex Rubber Abrasives;  DMC Connector Tooling;  Desco ESD Static ;  Dotco Pneumatic Tools;  Dragbag Cases;  Dremel Engraver;  Easybraid Wick, Solderbraid;  Edsyn Smoke Absorbers;  Electrolube;  Elixair Scrapers;  Engineer Tools;  Explorer Cases;  Fancort PCB Racks;  Fisnar Dispencing Equipment;  Fluke Instruments;  Friedrich Insulated Tools;  Gagebilt Riveters;  Gearwrench;  General Pneumatic Tools;  Gesipa Riveters;  Gradient Lens;  Groz Tools;  GT Line Tool Cases;  Hakko Soldering Equipment;  Hawkeye Borescope; Hofbauer Cases;  Ideal Industries;  Irwin Industrial;  Iteco ;  J Chadwick Optical Micrometer JBC Soldering Equipment;  Jensen Toolcase;  Kapton Tape;  Keiba Pliers;  Kester Solder;  Knipex Pliers;  Krone Punchdown Tools;  Kyoritsu Instruments;  Leatherman Tools;  LED Lenser Torches;  Leister Heat Guns;  Lindstrom Pliers;  Maglite Torches;  Mantis Viewing Systems;  Metcal Soldering Equipment;  Milbar Wire Twisting Pliers;  Mitutoyo Verniers;  Monogram Temporary Fasteners; Prevent Hexavalent Chromium ExposureLEKKO Telescopic Light Bulb Changer; Nightsearcher Torches;  EX Lighting; Nilfisk Vacuums;  Norbar Torque Wrenches;  OKI Soldering Equipment;  Pace Soldering Equipment;  Panasonic Screwdrivers & Drills;  Panavise ;  Pelican Torches;  Pferd Abrasives;  Piergiacomi Pliers;  Portasol Gas Soldering Irons;  Pressmaster Crimp Tools;  Proto Wrenches, Spanners & Sockets;  Purex Fume Extraction Systems;  Racodon Pin Punches;  Ruxxac Cart;  Semco Sealant Guns;  Shercon Masking Dots;  Sioux Pneumatic Tools;  Solaris Remote Area Lighting System;  Starrett Tools;  Steinel Heat Guns;  Streamlight Torches;  Tatco Riveters;  Taylor Pneumatic Tools;  Teng Tools;  Triflow Oil;  Tsunoda Pliers;  UHT Pneumatic;  Waldmann Magnifying Lamps;  Weller Soldering Equipment;  Wiha Screwdrivers;  Zephyr Tools; Portable Nitrogen/Oxygen Carging Units.; AND MORE

Aerospace & Defence

Large range of Aircraft MRO tools and equipment for Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide.

Aerospace & Defence Large Range of Aircraft Tools and Equipment including: Desoutter air tools | Dotco air tools | Sioux air tools | Taylor air tools | Gage Bilt Riveters | Elixair Sealant Removal | FSC Composite Drills and Cutting Tools | Hawkeye Borescopes | FTI Coldworking Tools | Chadwick Digital Optical Micrometer | Bayco Intrinsically Safe Torches and Lights | Explorer Cases | Armstrong Sockets and Spanners | Gearwrench Spanners | Stahlwille Tools | Wiha Screwdrivers | Knipex Pliers | Astro Mil-Spec Crimpers and Installation/Removal Tools | Ideal Wirestrippers | Fluke Multimeters | Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools Skin Pins | Piloted Countersinks | Aircraft Drill Bits | Threaded Reamers | Piloted Reamers | PCD Drills | Graphinator Drills | Hi-Lok Installation and Removal Tools | Custom Tool Kits | Tool Control Foam Inserts and Toolboards | Tool Crib Fitout |  PROTO & PROTOid Hand Tools | WinGrip Fall Protection for Aircraft | Ergoz -Ergomates | Aircraft Ergonomic Matting | Desoutter Air Tools | Omega MRO Tools | Tool Wagons


Large range of Industrial tools and equipment for Australia and New Zealand

Industrial & Mining Professional Tools and Equipment for Industry: Fluke Multimeters | Henchman Toolcases and Toolkits | GT Line Toolcases | Explorer Cases | Pelican Cases and Torches | Wiha Screwdrivers and Pliers | Irwin Tools | Vise Grip | Gearwrench Spanners and Sockets | Armstrong Tools | Knipex Pliers and Cutters | Alpha Drills and Bits | Sterling Knives | T&E Tools | Custom Tool Kits | Mitutoyo Verniers | Starrett Micrometers | Desoutter Air Tools | Chicago Pneumatic Air Tools | Fuji Air Tools | Shinano Air Tools | Norbar Torque Wrenches | Pferd Abrasives | White Tool Boxes | Ergos - ErgoMates | Custom Foam Inserts | Clayton-Brake Washer | Non-Conductive, Non Metalic tape Measure | Desoutter Screw Feeders | Desoutter Air Motors | Protective Cases | Waterproof Transit Cases

Aerospace Electronics Industrial Automotive