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The WinGrip All in One Anchor System is for use by personnel working on aircraft during
manufactureAIO.png or routine maintenance operations, providing both fall arrest and fall restraint capabilities. This product has been developed to greatly increase the efficiency of workers during short duration work, primarily used for light maintenance whether that be inside the hanger or out on the apron in varying weathers.

The WinGrip AIO System is an easily installed and highly portable single-user system that provides a fall protection anchor point for a single worker on wings, fuselage or stabilizers.

The WinGrip AIO vacuum pad is powered by compressed air or nitrogen, without the need for batteries, electrical cables or large equipment. Being completely non-electrical and with no metal on metal moving contact, the system is inherently safe with fuel tanks open. If the air/nitrogen supply should fail, an audible alarm sounds and the WinGrip AIO vacuum pad will maintain a safe working vacuum for at least 20 minutes.

The WinGrip AIO is suitable for wet or dry surfaces and can be used inside hangars or outside. Installation and removal are safe and straightforward for a single worker to carry out, and is suitable
 for use in all temperatures from freezing arctic conditions through to high desert temperatures.



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