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Air Duster

A clean work environment ensures productivity and safety. Keep your work area clean with our wide range of products that meet the demands of a variety of working environments and applications. From Cleaners, Hand Sanitizers and Wipes, Sprays like Aerosols and Air Dusters, Chemicals like Lubricants and Solvents to Adhesives, Resins and Sealants.

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High Power Air Duster Aerosol- New

Product Code: EGDPH400

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 28.91(ex GST)

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Hurricane Canless Air Blower-ESD Safe

Product Code: HCA-202-ESD

Description Safe for use in clean rooms wont harm or damage solid state electronic components and integrated...

Brand: Hurricane

$AUD 332.10(ex GST)

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Hurricane Canless Air Duster

Product Code: HCA-202

Description Produces an incredible blast of air at over 220 MPH and runs for over 15 minutes straight. Is equal to more...

Brand: Hurricane

$AUD 195.00(ex GST)

In Stock


Microcare Air Duster

Product Code: MCC-DST107

Blows dust and grit from keyboards, optics, machinery and circuitry Nonflammable for maximum safety High-pressure High-purity, leaves no residues...

Brand: Microcare

$AUD 30.72(ex GST)

In Stock


X3 Hurricane Canless Air System 260+ MPH

Product Code: CA303-1511

Description This is by far Hurricane's most powerful unit ever! It produces an incredible blast of air at over 260...

Brand: Hurricane

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