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A clean work environment ensures productivity and safety. Keep your work area clean with our wide range of products that meet the demands of a variety of working environments and applications. From Cleaners, Hand Sanitizers and Wipes, Sprays like Aerosols and Air Dusters, Chemicals like Lubricants and Solvents to Adhesives, Resins and Sealants.

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Boelube 90 Liquid Lubricant 4 Oz

Product Code: BOE-90-40Z

Non toxic, non polluting and non irritating liquid version of Boelube®

Brand: Boelube

$AUD 17.11(ex GST)

Please request lead time


Electrolube CMO Clear Mechanical Oil 200M

Product Code: ECM0200D

CMO has outstanding penetration characteristics, longevity and lubrication efficiency. It contains a clear colloidal suspension of molybdenum...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 10.84(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


Electrolube SOA Contact Treatment Oil 5kg

Product Code: ESOA05K

No 2 Oil should be used on contacts that have very low or high contact forces and in applications where it will not migrate. Typical areas...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 505.80(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


Electrolube SOB Contact Treatment 2X Oil 200ml

Product Code: ESOB200M

SOB (2X Oil) was developed as an extension of the No 2 Range (SGA and SOA) with increased plastics compatibility. Key Properties:...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 13.55(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


L112 Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil AEROSOL PK-12

Product Code: L112

Liquid Wrench is a powerful formula dissolving rust...

$AUD 328.00(ex GST)

Stock incoming, please request lead time


Oiler Bottle empty 30ml

Product Code: 418-30

Oiler Bottle (empty). Refillable bottle with extending 60mm brass stem and shut-off nozzle.

$AUD 20.05(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities about 3-4 weeks


Oiler Bottle empty 4 oz Leakproof Long Reach

Product Code: 125-093

Oiler Bottle (empty). Refillable bottle with leakproof long reach nozzle.

$AUD 24.83(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities about 2-3 weeks


Superlube Oiler Pen

Product Code: CE121-464

Superlube pen. Multipurpose synthetic based oil with PTFE.

$AUD 9.65(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 3 weeks


Triflow Oil Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle 59ml

Product Code: TRI-2

Triflow Oil Superior Lubricant. The ultimate lubricant for copiers and fine applications. Renowned as the best, with Teflon. Made in USA....

Brand: Triflow

$AUD 13.77(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities about 1 week


WD-40 Penetrating Lubricant Multipurpose 100ml

Product Code: WD-40

WD-40® is a multi purpose lubricant which protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates...

$AUD 14.40(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 days


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