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A clean work environment ensures productivity and safety. Keep your work area clean with our wide range of products that meet the demands of a variety of working environments and applications. From Cleaners, Hand Sanitizers and Wipes, Sprays like Aerosols and Air Dusters, Chemicals like Lubricants and Solvents to Adhesives, Resins and Sealants.

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Electrolube DFL Dry Film Lubricant 200ml

Product Code: EDFL200D

A white, dry-film lubricant, for use where mineral oils or silicones are not suitable. It is also suitable for use as an anti-stick and...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 16.11(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


Electrolube EPC Electroplating Compound 1kg

Product Code: EPC01K

EPC has been specially developed for use in electro-plating and anodising plants. EPC is not absorbed by plating solutions like ordinary mineral...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 241.94(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


Electrolube OSL High Quality Silicone Oil Aerosol 400ml

Product Code: EOSL400

Electrolube's Silicone Oil Aerosol is a high quality multi-purpose mechanical lubricant. The Silicone Oil Aerosol is 100% Ozone Friendly. Key...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 14.67(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


Electrolube SCO Silicone Compound

Product Code: (ESCO01K / ESCO200D / ESCO35SL)

SCO Electrical Silicone Grease is a high quality multi-purpose electrical insulating compound with excellent water and moisture repellence. This...

Brand: Electrolube


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