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Glue Guns

We offer a wide range of Cabling Tools from Astro, Scotchlok and Telecoms Crimpers with Accessories and Crimp Frames to Roll Crimps and Steinel Heat Guns for Shrink Tubing to terminate stranded wires professionally and safely. Our Connector Tools include Steinel Glue Guns, Cable Tie Guns, Connector Wrenches and Contact Installation Tools. Please find our extensive range of Wirestrippers in a seperate category.

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333317 Steinel Glue Gun - Mains Powered

Product Code: GLM3002

The mains operated Steinel glue gun accepts 11mm diameter standard glue sticks.

Brand: Steinel

$AUD 65.82(ex GST)

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Steinel Cordless Glue Gun

Product Code: GLM5000

The rechargeable Steinel glue gun is ready for use after 3 minutes in its stand. It can then operate for about 15 minutes on its charge. By...

Brand: Steinel

$AUD 194.65(ex GST)

Please Request Lead Time


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