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Our range of high quality Countersink Bits to cut conical holes for flathead screws include a variety of sizes according to Aviation and Defence standards, general types, micro stops and piloted cutters with 2 or 3 flutes. Our Counterbore range can be found in the category Cutting Tools

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Countersink 3 Flute

Product Code: (CS3-10.4 / CS3-12.4 / CS3-14.4 / CS3-16.5 / CS3-20.5 / CS3-25 / CS3-30 / CS3-40 / CS3-6.3 / CS3-8.3)

Countersink 3 Flute Available in these Sizes: CS3-6.3 - 6.3mm CS3-8.3 - 8.3mm CS3-10.4 - 10.4mm...

Brand: Alpha


Multiple options available:


Countersink 3 Flute Set 6 Pieces

Product Code: CS3-SET6


Brand: Alpha

$AUD 266.00(ex GST)

Available 1-2 days


Cross Hole Countersink Set 3 Pieces

Product Code: CSCH-SET3


Brand: Alpha

$AUD 127.46(ex GST)

Available 1-2 days


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