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Wrist Strap

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Bulk Buy - 10 X Wristrap With 1.8M Cord

Product Code: HWRS-ASS1

Clearance line due to very occasional issues with snap fastener pulling off wrist strap. Buy cheap at this giveaway price and save! (No warranty)

$AUD 69.50(ex GST)

In Stock


Metal Wrist Band (Band Only)

Product Code: SWS1015

Metal wrist band (band only). Metal wrist band for superior skin contact and durability. Adjustable system leaves no extra link loose. Fitted with...

$AUD 6.95(ex GST)

In Stock


Wrist Strap 10mm, 1Meg

Product Code: HWRS-ASS

Economy wrist strap. Cam-lock adjustable economy wrist strap of high quality. Strap interior with stainless steel/nylon filament for increased skin...

$AUD 5.56(ex GST)

In Stock


Wriststrap 10mm Snap, 1 Meg

Product Code: HWRS8001

Premium Quality wrist strap. Soft elastic fabric with silver coated filament. Easily adjusted includes cord (3m extended).

$AUD 12.50(ex GST)

In Stock


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