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Wrist Strap

Make your ESD sensitive work area safe with our wide range of static control equipment including personal grounding like ESD Clothing, ESD Footwear, Gloves and Wriststraps, as well as workstation items like ESD Testers, Ionizers, ESD Chairs, ESD Flooring, ESD Racks and Conductive Storage.

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Bulk Buy - 10 X Wriststrap with 1.8M Cord

Product Code: HWRS-ASS1

Clearance line due to very occasional issues with snap fastener pulling off wrist strap. Buy cheap at this giveaway price and save! (No warranty)

$AUD 77.84(ex GST)

In Stock


Metal Wrist Band (Band Only)

Product Code: SWS1015

Metal wrist band (band only). Metal wrist band for superior skin contact and durability. Adjustable system leaves no extra link loose. Fitted with...

$AUD 7.78(ex GST)

In Stock


Wrist Strap 10mm, 1Meg

Product Code: HWRS-ASS

Economy wrist strap. Cam-lock adjustable economy wrist strap of high quality. Strap interior with stainless steel/nylon filament for increased skin...

$AUD 6.23(ex GST)

In Stock


Wriststrap 10mm Snap, 1 Meg

Product Code: HWRS8001

Premium Quality wrist strap. Soft elastic fabric with silver coated filament. Easily adjusted includes cord (3m extended).

$AUD 14.00(ex GST)

In Stock


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