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Clean Room Version

The world leading Fume Extraction Systems by Purex redirect and filter harmful solder fumes, protecting the health of your employees and the environment. The Atrix Omega Vacuum series is among the most elite vacuums on the market, providing immediate containment for the cleaning of copiers, printers, gaming machines, ATMs, telecom and other Field Service equipment. Other vacuums in our range are ideal for Aircraft cabin cleaning, industrial applications and Pest Control.

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Mri Vac With 15 Foot Hose

Product Code: VACOS220MRI

The Atrix Omega Green Supreme HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum VACOSMRI is an excellent immediate containment option for medical...

Brand: Atrix Toner Vacuums

Was: $AUD 560.00

$AUD 515.00(ex GST)

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Omega Clean Vac


Cleanroom Vacuum. ESD safe cleanroom Vacuum which exceeds Cleanroom class 100,000 ISO8 cleanrooms making it an excellent option for clean...

Brand: Atrix Toner Vacuums

$AUD 715.68(ex GST)

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Vacpack - Backpack For Vacuum

Product Code: VACPACK

Brand: Atrix Toner Vacuums

$AUD 143.44(ex GST)

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