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Industrial Vacuums

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Nilfisk Filter Bag (Pack Of 5)

Product Code: 60910

Filter Bag(pack of 5)

Brand: Nilfisk

$AUD 42.97(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Filter Element

Product Code: 63990

Filter Element

Was: $AUD 157.61
SAVE 65%

$AUD 54.40(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Hepa Filter

Product Code: 302001095

Hepa Filter

Brand: Nilfisk

$AUD 159.00(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum

Product Code: GM80PR

$AUD 1450.00(ex GST)

In Stock


Nilfisk Wet Dry Vacuum, 25L

Product Code: AERO 25-21

The Nilfisk-Alto Aero 25-21 is a domestic / light industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaner. The Aero 25-21 has a power take off with automatic start...

Brand: Nilfisk

$AUD 451.61(ex GST)

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