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Industrial Vacuums

The world leading Fume Extraction Systems by Purex redirect and filter harmful solder fumes, protecting the health of your employees and the environment. The Atrix Omega Vacuum series is among the most elite vacuums on the market, providing immediate containment for the cleaning of copiers, printers, gaming machines, ATMs, telecom and other Field Service equipment. Other vacuums in our range are ideal for Aircraft cabin cleaning, industrial applications and Pest Control.

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Milwaukee M18 7.5L Wet/Dry Vacuum

Product Code: M18WDV-0

The M18 7.5L Wet/Dry Vacuum offers powerful suction for wet and dry applications. Compatable on all MILWAUKEE M18 REDLITHIUM-ION battery packs,...

Brand: Milwaukee

$AUD 305.00(ex GST)

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum

Product Code: M18FBPV-0

Whether taking on spot, area, or final cleanups, the MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum brings unmatched cordless performance,...

Brand: Milwaukee

$AUD 543.75(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Filter Bag (Pack Of 5)

Product Code: 60910

Filter Bag(pack of 5)

Brand: Nilfisk

$AUD 42.97(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Filter Element

Product Code: 63990

Filter Element

$AUD 176.52(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Hepa Filter

Product Code: 302001095

Hepa Filter

Brand: Nilfisk

$AUD 178.08(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum

Product Code: GM80PR

Lightweight and portable 12 L container capacity, 6.5L dusbag capacity Aluminium construction for enhanced...

$AUD 1450.00(ex GST)

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Nilfisk Wet Dry Vacuum, 25L

Product Code: AERO 25-21

The Nilfisk-Alto Aero 25-21 is a domestic / light industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaner. The Aero 25-21 has a power take off with automatic start...

Brand: Nilfisk

$AUD 505.80(ex GST)

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