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Bit Ratchets

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Henchman 1/4 & 5/16 Reversible Bit Ratchet

Product Code: H66-964

The Smallest, Lowest profile head in the industry! The quick-disk on the drive head allows for quick tightening or loosening of fasteners when...

Brand: Henchman

Was: $AUD 25.50
SAVE 10%

$AUD 22.95(ex GST)

In Stock



Henchman 52 Tooth 1/4" Reversible Bit Ratchet

Product Code: H66-958

This 1/4" bit holding reversable ratchet is excellent for working in tight spaces. Only 93mm long it fits in the palm of your hand with the...

Brand: Henchman

Was: $AUD 21.00
SAVE 12%

$AUD 18.50(ex GST)

In Stock


Stahlwille 415SGB N Fine Tooth 1/4 Bit Ratchet

Product Code: 11132020

In many applications - for example in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering - staff are having to work in ever more confined...

Brand: Stahlwille Tools

$AUD 144.53(ex GST)

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