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Pin Protrusion Gauge - Hi-Lok

The Hi-Lok fastening system is a standard for permanent airframe fastening without room for a bucking bar. Our wide range includes Hi-Lok Ratches, Wrenches, Hi-Lok Installation and Removal Tools, Eddie Bolt Installation and Removal Tools, Collar Installation and Removal Tools as well as Six-Wing Installation and Removal Tools.

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Pin Protrusion Gauge Hi-Lok black Print

Product Code: 2-1522

For verifying correct grip length of pins.

$AUD 22.69(ex GST)

In Stock


Pin Protrusion Gauge Hi-Lok red Print

Product Code: 2-1522HST

Pin Protrusion Gauge Hi-Lok red Print

$AUD 26.91(ex GST)

Stock incoming, please request lead time


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