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Worklight Cordless

Wether you're looking for inspection equipment and lighting to find microscopic defects, hands-free lights to see the screw you're trying to fasten or powerful lighting for your whole worksite, in our wide range of products you will find the right solution - high quality, powerful, robust, rechargeable or corded. We offer the equipment for precise visual inspection of instruments and objects. With the right combination you won't miss a scratch.

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LED Task Light Dual Flash/Flood

Product Code: NSP-1400B

This 2 AAA Dual-Switch Dual-Light™ Flashlight has two body switches offering the user a choice of flashlight, floodlight or dual-light...

Brand: Nightstick

$AUD 20.98(ex GST)

In Stock


Task Light - Black Torch

Product Code: NSR-9850E

Rechargeable,black multimode task light. Flood, spot or both switch options

Brand: Commando Professional

$AUD 302.83(ex GST)

Please Request Lead Time


Task Light Dual Flash/Flood

Product Code: NSP-1160

$AUD 68.75(ex GST)

In Stock


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