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Pelican 2000 Torch SabreLite Xenon Flashlight yellow 53 lumens

Product Code: PE2000C

This powerful flashlight carries a variety of approvals, allowing safe use in many different hazardous environments and conditions. The...

$AUD 75.10(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities about 1 week


Pelican 2330 Luxeon Led Tactical Flashlight 100 lumens

Product Code: PE2330

The M6 2330 LED Flashlight uses a 1 watt Luxeon LED for intense brightness, extended battery burn time, and long lamp life. The strong body is...

Brand: Pelican

$AUD 162.29(ex GST)

Lead time about 1 week


Pelican Torch Penlight L4 LED black

Product Code: PEL1830CBK

The L4 is a handy, unbelievably bright LED flashlight that's powered by 3 AAAA alkaline cells (included). The light weight, slim profile design...

Brand: Pelican

Request Price(ex GST)

Lead time about 1 week


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