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Sheet Metal Tool

Pliers, Grips, Cutters and Shears

We stock hand tools from international reknown brands like Knipex, Wiha, Stahlwille, Proto, Tsunoda, Lindstrom, Piergiacomi and others.

Our extensive range include all types, shapes and prices – from high quality to economical – for a variety of applications like cutting wire, bolts, plastics, pipes or sheet metal, twisting, bending, forming, depanelling, clamping or fastening. 

KNIPEX pliers stand for quality made in Germany. Knipex is considered the worldwide leading pliers manufacturer for professional users in trade and industry.

Wirestrippers can be found in a seperate category.

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Irwin Locking Sheet Metal Tool

Product Code: 8R

Irwin Tools 8R locks to work with powerful grip - Makes bread pan corners and can crimp and double crimp - Excellent for upholstery work

Brand: Irwin Tools

$AUD 42.69(ex GST)

Lead time 3-4 Weeks


Proto J260XL Sheet Metal Pliers

Product Code: J260XL

• Wide jaw profile to allow powerful grip on large thin surfaces. • Clamps, forms, bends and crimps sheet metal.•...

Brand: Proto Tools

$AUD 64.26(ex GST)

Lead time About 4 Weeks


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