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Cordless Crimper

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Milwaukee M18 FORCELOGIC 300mm2 Crimper

Product Code: M18HCCT-0C

The M18 FORCE LOGIC 300mm² Crimper is the most accurate way to crimp producing Cu/Al classified crimps. A New Jaw Design Holds the Connector...

Brand: Milwaukee

$AUD 2271.25(ex GST)

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Milwaukee M18 FORCELOGIC 400mm2 Crimper

Product Code: M18HCCT109/42-0C

The M18 FORCE LOGIC 400mm² Utility Crimper is the Easiest Way to Crimp. Engineered to reduce weight and improve balance, it features a 350?...

Brand: Milwaukee

$AUD 3090.00(ex GST)

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