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Find the right tool for your riveting application – Pop Riveting, Blind Riveting, CherryMax Riveting and Lockbolt Riveting – as well as hand tools like Pneumatic Riveters, Knockout Punches, Rivnut and Nutsert, Rivet Cutters, Bucking Bars, Gauges, Squeezers and Staple Guns.

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Grip Gage Cherrymax with Slide

Product Code: 269C3

The Cherry 269C3 Grip Gage will determine material thickness allowing the selection of proper grip length cherrylock and cherrymax fasteners

Brand: Cherrymax

$AUD 22.69(ex GST)

In Stock


Grip Gage Hi-Shear

Product Code: 2-612

1/16” Increments To 3”

$AUD 21.39(ex GST)

In Stock


Grip Gage Hi-Shear with Slide

Product Code: 2-651

1/16” Increments To 3”

$AUD 30.87(ex GST)

In Stock


Grip Gage Jo-Bolt Gauge

Product Code: LFVLG-1


$AUD 22.69(ex GST)

Please request lead time


Rivet Length Gage Gauge

Product Code: GR1002

Check the proper length of rivets before installing. Works with both flush and button head rivets. Sizes are permanently stamped on the gauge....

$AUD 14.40(ex GST)

In Stock


$AUD 51.07(ex GST)

Please request lead time


Shop Head Rivet Gage Gauge

Product Code: GR1001

4 piece set of guages. Eliminate guessing if your rivets are properly installed. This guage measures the minimum acceptable height & minimum...

$AUD 20.62(ex GST)

In Stock


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