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Pick Up Tool

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Hakko 393-1 Vacuum Pick-Up

Product Code: H393-1

SMD Vacuum hand type pick-up tool

Brand: Hakko Soldering

$AUD 54.85(ex GST)

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Mini Claw Grabber

Product Code: 2-155

By pressing the top of this handy tool, stainless steel prongs emerge from the tip. As you release the pressure on the button,the prongs close...

$AUD 18.90(ex GST)

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Proto Retriever Magnetic Pick up 16-3/4 Inch Telescopic

Product Code: J2375

• Versatile telescoping handle and all-angle ball joint.• Proto Tools have been manufactured in the USA for over 110 years,...

Brand: Proto Tools

$AUD 24.52(ex GST)

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Proto Retrieving Magnetic Pick Up 8 Inch

Product Code: J2376A

• Aluminum head that contains a neodymium magnet. • All angle ball joint. • Magnet can lift up to 1-1/2 lbs....

Brand: Proto Tools

$AUD 11.74(ex GST)

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Retriever Magnetic Pick Up

Product Code: J2378

• Retrieves small objects from hard to reach places. • Push button allows reaching an object before energizing the...

$AUD 56.53(ex GST)

In Stock


Spring Claw Flexible Grabber

Product Code: J2345

• Designed to position or retrieve small objects. • Spring loaded plunger actuates jaws at end of flexible casing.•...

$AUD 26.06(ex GST)

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Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up

Product Code: 70166

Telescopic magnetic pick-up, high grade, high quality extending 400mm.

$AUD 15.16(ex GST)

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