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Solder Masks

Soldering Consumables for your Soldering and Desoldering applications including Fluxes, Flux Gels and Flux Pens, Pastes, Wicks, Soldering Wires, Soldering Bars for Wave Soldering, Desoldering Pumps and Desoldering Braid – in Flux-free, Lead-free, No-Clean and Rosin qualities.

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Kapton Tape Various Widths 33m Long

Product Code: (K250006 / K250009 / K250012 / K250016 / K250020 / K250025 / K250034)

Heat Resistant Kapton Masking Tape, ideal for use in electrical insulation, gold leaf mask of printed circuit boards during wave soldering,...

Brand: Kapton


Multiple options available:


Shercon Paper Disc 1/2 inch

Product Code: CE113-495

SHERCON Paper Disc. 1/2” - 5000 discs/roll.

Brand: Shercon

$AUD 69.16(ex GST)

Lead time 3 weeks


Shercon Paper Disc 1/4 inch

Product Code: CE113-497

SHERCON Paper Disc. 1/4” - 5000 discs/roll

Brand: Shercon

$AUD 45.89(ex GST)

Lead time 3 weeks


Shercon Paper Disc 3/8 inch

Product Code: CE191-802

SHERCON Paper Disc. 3/8” - 5000 discs/roll.

Brand: Shercon

$AUD 77.16(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 3 weeks


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