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Solder Paste

Soldering Consumables for your Soldering and Desoldering applications including Fluxes, Flux Gels and Flux Pens, Pastes, Wicks, Soldering Wires, Soldering Bars for Wave Soldering, Desoldering Pumps and Desoldering Braid – in Flux-free, Lead-free, No-Clean and Rosin qualities.

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EM-907 Lead Free Solder Paste Jar

Product Code: EM907-500G

EM-907 Lead free solder paste supplied in 500g jar

Brand: Kester Solder

$AUD 207.90(ex GST)

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Sac305 L/F Solder Paste 500G Type 4

Product Code: NXG33

Kester NXG33 is a lead-free, no-clean and halogen- free solder paste with state-of-the-art capabilities to support modern electronics assembly...

Brand: Kester Solder

$AUD 117.43(ex GST)

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Sac305 T4, Temperature Stable 500G

Product Code: NP545

Kester 7041050910 NP545 Solder Paste, No-Clean, SAC305 T4, Temperature Stable, 500 Gram Jar Extremely Stable and Has an Unrefrigerated Shelf Life...

Brand: Kester Solder

$AUD 103.68(ex GST)

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