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Solder Paste

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Em-907 Lead Free Solder Paste Jar

Product Code: EM907-500G

EM-907 Lead free solder paste supplied in 500g jar

Brand: Kester Solder

$AUD 207.90(ex GST)

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Sac305 L/F Solder Paste 500G Type 4

Product Code: NXG33

Kester NXG33 is a lead-free, no-clean and halogen- free solder paste with state-of-the-art capabilities to support modern electronics assembly...

Brand: Kester Solder

$AUD 117.43(ex GST)

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Sac305 T4, Temperature Stable 500G

Product Code: NP545

Kester 7041050910 NP545 Solder Paste, No-Clean, SAC305 T4, Temperature Stable, 500 Gram Jar Extremely Stable and Has an Unrefrigerated Shelf Life...

Brand: Kester Solder

$AUD 103.68(ex GST)

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