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Cut & Bend Machines

Browse on line our range of Hakko Soldering Stations, Hakko Desoldering, Hakko Hot Air or Hakko Rework Stations, Hakko Handpieces, Hakko Tips or Accessories. We offer an extensive range of high quality Soldering products for all kinds of high precision solder jobs: Atten GT Stations, Atten ST Stations, Atten Desoldering Stations, JBC Soldering Stations, JBC Modular Line Stations, JBC Premium Line Stations, Stands, Handpieces, Irons, Tweezers, Spares like Cartridges, Tips and Nozzles, Sponges, Tip Temperature Meters and Desoldering Pumps.  Other brands available to order are Weller Soldering Stations and Pace Desoldering Stations.

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Hakko 154-1 Lead Former 5mm Pitch

Product Code: H154-1

Brand: Hakko Soldering

$AUD 1497.38(ex GST)

Lead time 3-5 days


Superform Axial Lead Forming Machine

Product Code: 7915 100A

Axial Lead Former. Superform/A is a machine made for cutting and bending axial taped component. • Compact and sturdy - its main...

$AUD 3030.15(ex GST)

Lead time 3 weeks


Superform Radial Lead Cropper

Product Code: 7915 113A

Radial Lead Cropper. Superform/R is a machine made for cutting radial taped components such as capacitators, transistors and stand-off...

$AUD 2767.68(ex GST)

Lead time 3 weeks


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