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Mains Solder Irons

Looking for Soldering, Desoldering, Hot Air or Rework Stations, Handpieces, Tips or Accessories? We offer an extensive range of high quality Soldering products for all kinds of high precision solder jobs: Atten GT Stations, Atten ST Stations, JBC Compact Line Stations, JBC Modular Line Stations, JBC Premium Line Stations, Stands, Handpieces, Irons, Tweezers, Spares like Cartridges, Tips and Nozzles and Accessories like Cleaning Stations, Sponges, Tip Temperature Meters and Desoldering Pumps.

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25 Wat Nicholson Iron

Product Code: N25D

Description • 25 Watt 240 Volts • Comfortable Hand Grip • Recommended Use: Light Home and hobby iron suitable...

$AUD 27.89(ex GST)

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Weller Mains Soldering Iron 100W

Product Code: W100D

Weller 100W magnastat controlled Iron

$AUD 183.27(ex GST)

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Weller Mains Soldering Iron 60W

Product Code: W60D

Weller 60W magnastat controlled Iron

Brand: Weller

$AUD 157.00(ex GST)

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