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Looking for Soldering, Desoldering, Hot Air or Rework Stations, Handpieces, Tips or Accessories? We offer an extensive range of high quality Soldering products for all kinds of high precision solder jobs: Atten GT Stations, Atten ST Stations, JBC Compact Line Stations, JBC Modular Line Stations, JBC Premium Line Stations, Stands, Handpieces, Irons, Tweezers, Spares like Cartridges, Tips and Nozzles and Accessories like Cleaning Stations, Sponges, Tip Temperature Meters and Desoldering Pumps.

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FM203 Dual Port De-/Soldering Station

Product Code: HFM203-15

A single station Plays multiple roles of soldering, Desoldering and SMD rework. Two connection ports - two soldering irons or rework tweezers can...

Brand: Hakko

$AUD 882.76(ex GST)

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FM206 3 Port Multi-Station De-/Soldering

Product Code: HFM206-20

The Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station will power any Hakko FM Series handpiece, including FM-2027, FM-2030, FM-2032, FM-2022, FM2023, FM-2024,...

Brand: Hakko

Was: $AUD 2931.92
SAVE 12%

$AUD 2580.09(ex GST)

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FX-888D 70 Watt Soldering Station

Product Code: HFX888D-21BY

Hakkos FX-888D is the updated, digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features-digital calibrations to simplify the...

Brand: Hakko

$AUD 189.00(ex GST)

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FX838 High Power 300 Watt Soldering Station

Product Code: HFX838-21

Brand: Hakko

Was: $AUD 862.62
SAVE 12%

$AUD 759.10(ex GST)

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FX950 Soldering Station Analogue

Product Code: HFX950-17

Analog type of HAKKO FX-951 Lock key enables temperature control even on this analog type unit Selectable soldering iron...

Brand: Hakko

$AUD 391.21(ex GST)

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FX951-65 Soldering Station Digital (Fm2027 Iron) T12 Tips

Product Code: HFX951-65

Consists: The new standard for lead-free soldering utilizing a 70W composite tip Rapid thermal response...

Brand: Hakko

$AUD 541.98(ex GST)

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Hakko FX600-14 50 Watt Soldering Iron Adjustable Temperature. Ceramic Heater. T1

Product Code: HFX600-14

Brand: Hakko Soldering Station

Was: $AUD 118.84
SAVE 27%

$AUD 87.14(ex GST)

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