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We offer a wide range of Fluke electronic test and measurement tools, digital multimeters, electrical testers, thermometers, analysers, meters as well as accessories like leads, probes and carry cases.

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Fluke 80AK-AThermocouple Adapter

Product Code: 80AK-A

Fluke Thermocouple Adapter. Adapts Type-K thermocouple miniconnector to dual banana plug inputs • Measurement range and accuracy:...

Brand: Fluke

$AUD 52.00(ex GST)

Available 1-2 days


Fluke 80PK-EXTType-K Extension Kit, Thermocouple Assembly

Product Code: 80PK-EXT

Brand: Fluke

$AUD 116.00(ex GST)

Available 1-2 days


Fluke 80TKThermocouple Module

Product Code: 80TK

Fluke Thermocouple Module. Converts a DMM to a thermometer • For use with Type-K thermocouples in low voltage applications (below 24V...

Brand: Fluke

$AUD 276.00(ex GST)

Available 1-2 days


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