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Custom foam cutting

Jeremy Chambers


Custom foam cutting
Henchman specialise in the production of custom CNC cut foam which provides visual Tool Control. The high density closed cell Polyethylene foam combined with a different colour Polypropylene layer on the top. The Polypropylene is very hard wearing, easy to clean and ideal for labelling or marking. (suits requirements of CASR Part 145)

We believe that foam Inlays/Inserts are the perfect choice for protection and presentation, whether it is a product you would like to display, an item you would like to protect or even a toolkit, it's the right option for you.

The foam is CNC router cut for a precise, tight fit with provision for a ''finger lift out''. Blue foam and black Polypropylene plastic is standard. You have the choice if you would like a hard plastic surface for durability and the colour or just the foam without the Polypropylene layer. Other colour foam and plastic combinations are available contact us for more information.

The contrast of the two colour foam provides an excellent way to help you keep track of your parts or tools, missing items clearly standing out due to the colour foam inlay system.

The foam layouts can be in a tray liftout form meaning that your tools or products stored in the foam will be arranged, one on top of the other or the foam can fill the area and is fixed to the base.

Henchman is able to supply you with a Tool Case, Transit Case, Tool Wagon, toolbox or you can purchase custom foam to fit what ever the requirement. Speak to one of our team members today to find out more.

Our systems can assist you to comply with CASR Part 145 regulation for full accountability of tools in the aircraft industry. Using our electronic tool control system to give you full control on all tooling in your facility.



How it works

Either purchase your tooling requirements from us or send us your existing equipment, from here we will work with you to bespoke your custom foam layouts and cabinet/casing requirements. Check out our website to see our quality tooling and storage systems and existing case designs in the toolkit gallery.