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Smooth Operations with Smooth Scrapers

Socomore (Elixair)

SkyEdgit Hand Sharpener with Resharpenable Scraper by Socomore

The Essential Guide to Resharpenable Scrapers for Precision and Longevity

Complex checks are a mandatory part of aircraft heavy maintenance. But Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) companies are still trying to limit aircraft downtime. Each step of the process plays a crucial role and needs to be fast and efficient to ensure smooth operations.

While Line Maintenance A and B checks and other routine tasks typically occur swiftly at the gate or within airport hangars, comprehensive C and D checks are less frequent but vital to ensure aircraft airworthiness, often requiring partial or complete disassembly of the aircraft.

Even the tiniest tools play a crucial role in Aviation MRO operations - including scrapers for sealant removal, enabling access to sealed areas such as the fuselage, access panels, fuel tanks, and landing gear without damaging the part or surface.


Full Range of Resharpenable Sealant Scrapers and Tools

Scrapers are available in a range of sizes and materials – for maximum efficiency – depending on the application they are used for. The Socomore SkyScraper sealant removal range was designed to suit all types of sealant removal operations found in aircraft maintenance.

Resharpenable scrapers offer substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. Depending on usage and application, these tools can be sharpened up to 20 times, significantly extending their lifespan.

Socomore provides a comprehensive range of resharpenable fluted scrapers, the SkyScraper range, complemented by scraper sharpening devices like the battery operated SkyMill™ Revolution and the handheld manual SkyEdgit, ensuring sustained sharpness and operational readiness.

SkyScraper Range with Handles | Socomore


Benefits of Using Resharpenable SkyScrapers:

  • Point of Use Sharpening: Increases productivity by sharpening scrapers where they're needed.
  • Scratch Reduction: Maintains scraper edge, minimizing damage to parts and ensuring efficiency.
  • Longevity: Reusable and capable of multiple sharpening, reducing replacement costs.
  • Safety: Ergonomic handles and grips maximize safety and comfort during use
  • Waste Reduction: Minimizes waste by reusing handles and accessories, promoting sustainability
  • FOD Reduction: POM scrapers and SkyViz UV handle clips are fluorescent and therefore easy to find under UV light

Sharp Versus Worn Scraper | Socomore


Approvals and Qualifications

The fluted SkyScraper range is available in two materials and qualified by multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

AIRBUS             C/Lab 14935/05/A13: Ultem Scraper System

BOEING            BAC5000: POM Scraper System

BOEING (HELICOPTERS, MESA)             HP5-10: 310, 311 series, 312/4B, 312/5B, 312/6B, 310/1, 309/3, 312/2, 312/3, 312/6, 312/1, 312/10

BOMBARDIER BAPS 157-028 - P Spec 603: Ultem Scraper System - Application of Polysulphide Type Sealing Materials


One Range for all Sealant Operations

The Socomore resharpenable SkyScrapers are crafted from PolyOxyMethylene (POM) or PolyEtherImide (ULTEM), offering superior performance and safety compared to fiberglass scrapers – due to potential health hazards associated with inhaling fiberglass particles.

POM (311 series) is an opaque white high-performance polymer that offers low friction and wear characteristics. Scrapers made of POM are smoother and can access difficult to reach areas due to their greater flexibility. POM scrapers will flex in line with the shape of the substrate.

ULTEM (310 Series) is a clear amber high-performance polymer branded under the name ULTEM (SABIC). ULTEM scrapers are more rigid than POM scrapers as they are 100% polymer. They are more efficient at sealant removal as greater strength can be applied, making it easier to remove the sealant.

POM (white) and ULTEM (amber) Scrapers | Socomore


How Many Times Can a Scraper be Resharpened?

The more a scraper is sharpened, the shorter and more rigid it becomes. A resharpenable scraper can be sharpened up to 20 times, depending on the application it is used for. Sometimes less, in case the scraper needs to be more flexible or needs to have a specific minimum length.

A SkyScraper will generally last a full shift, as it will resharpen a minimum of 10 times, resulting in time savings and cost reduction when compared to using single use disposable scrapers.

Edgit Hand Sharpener for Scrapers | Socomore


Mixed Scraper Kit with Handles and Sharpener | Henchman

Keeping Track of Your Scrapers and Sharpeners

Henchman as an official distributor in Australia offer the whole range of Socomore Sealant Tools and Scrapers.

In addition, we have designed handy scraper kits in a carry case tailored for either Boeing or Airbus/Bombardier aircraft, containing scrapers, handles and sharpeners laid out in two-coloured foam for visual tool control - making it easy to instantly spot a missing tool and reduce the risk of FOD (foreign object damage).


Resharpenable Scrapers: Essential Tools for Efficient and Sustainable Aviation Maintenance

In conclusion, resharpenable scrapers stand as indispensable assets in aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Their ability to enhance productivity, minimize part damage, reduce costs, prioritize safety, and promote environmental sustainability makes them an integral part of efficient MRO operations.

By embracing resharpenable scrapers, MRO companies can not only streamline their processes but also demonstrate a commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental safekeeping. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, resharpenable scrapers remain essential tools for maintaining aircraft airworthiness while striving for operational excellence and sustainability.


View the full range of Socomore (formerly Elixair) scrapers, handles and kits here: Sealant Tools and Scrapers