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Case Study: Tool Control in Heavy Industry

Toolkits and Workshop for Mount Ia Copper

Case Study: Toolkitting for Mount Isa Copper

Without any tool control system in place, Mount Isa Copper faced the challenge of the majority of tools being misplaced or lost. The company spend a lot of time and money on replacing tools, in addition to loosing money on downtime due to employees being unable to use some equipment and machinery.

Henchman initially provided Mt. Isa Copper with a fit-out for a shutdown container workshop. As a result of using the newly implemented tool control system, almost all tooling went back into the toolkits. No further convincing needed, nowadays all of Mt Isa Coppers tooling goes into foam.

The use of custom cut high density shadow foam supplied with new toolkits has significantly reduced lost and misplaced tools and increased efficiency. Not only is there the saving of costs of the actual lost tools, but also the lost time in looking for a tool to get a job done, which is a much larger and often difficult cost to estimate.

Mt. Isa Copper can now also afford to invest in better quality tooling, meaning the job gets done more professionally and safer!

About Henchman
Henchman is an international supplier of premium tools and toolkits as well as specific tooling solutions for specialised industries such as aerospace, electronics, defence, field and plant service, transportation, mining & energy, assembly & manufacturing and more. Henchman Toolkits are renowned for being of superb quality finish and design and are available for purchase globally. Over the last 20 years Henchman has gained respect, loyalty and presence in the industry being fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. Henchman Automated Tool Control systems, the henchmanTRAK range, is an advanced electronic tool control system for ensuring tools are never left behind, as well as improving productivity and saving money and time in searching for and replacing lost tools.

Henchman holds many global distributorships for the worlds best tools, including: Proto Industrial, Knipex, Wiha Premium Tools, Stahlwille Tools and many more.

We operate a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001, reinforcing our dedication to customer service. Henchman has set the benchmark for supplying quality tools to the Mining Industry.


Read the whole Mount Isa Case Study here (PDF 1.5MB).