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About Us

Henchman Products Pty Ltd. ABN: 76 107 346 113

Henchman Products was established in the beginning of 1999 in Australia. With many years of knowledge from dealing in specialized tools and equipment, Henchman Products offers unmatched experience combined with a high level of service. It is family run and Australian owned business with 18 employees.

During the last 15 years, Henchman Products has grown from strength to strength, building on customer satisfaction. Our initial angle of business was toolkits and production-line hand tools for the Electronics and Avionics industries. Being based in Newcastle it soon included Industrial markets too. Henchman is well recognized today as the leader in the supply of electronic technician's toolkits in Australia. Building on our success with our Avionics customers, our next major growth area was the Aerospace industry. This has grown to become an extremely significant part of our business for both local and international customers.

At Henchman we understand that quality products and timely delivery is largely what our customers demand and deserve. We have gained respect, loyalty and presence in the industry being fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. We realise our greatest asset is you, our customer.

Henchman operates a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001, reinforcing our dedication to customer service.

Situated in the busy Cardiff Industrial Estate, Henchman Products owns a 950m square meter facility to serve our customers more efficiently. With the Mining industry right on our doorstep, we could not overlook this market. With over 3000 stock lines of highly regarded brands of specialized tools warehoused for quick overnight despatch to most centers, we have tools specific to a very wide range of professional users. We have appropriate tools for: Electronic Technicians, Computer Technicians, Biomedical Engineers, Photocopier Technicians, Electronic Production Lines, Aircraft Engineers, Mining Workshops, Automotive Mechanics, Gas and Power Generation facilities, Apprentices in almost any industry, you name it...

April 2011 saw another expansion of Henchman Products with the opening of our New Zealand office. As we gained more and more customers in New Zealand, it became necessary to set up an office and a limited stockholding to enable us to offer the same high level of service to our valued clients our Australian customers enjoy.