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Tool Kits

Buy Custom made Technician Tool Kits Online
Providing great quality electronic, computer and field service technician tool kits to your employees is very important if you want to have a competitive advantage as well as achieving higher efficiency.

Henchman is committed to offering you easy-to-use custom tool kits that are specifically designed and made as per your requirements. Our range of tools covers the requirements of different industries, including but not limited to electronics, automotive, mining, and aviation industry.

Toolkit Shadow Foam
All tool kits for electronics, field service, and computer technicians, offered by Henchman, can come with customised toolbox shadow foam, CNC cut and fitted to your toolbox.

Manufactured from high density Polyethylene (PE) foam and faced with a hard layer of chemical resistant Polypropylene (PP), your individual products are digitised into our CAD software to enable customising to individual case layouts.

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Lan Toolkit In Innova

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