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Henchman Products Pty Ltd
8 Pavilion Place
Cardiff, NSW 2285

Tel: +61 2 4956 7111
Fax: +61 2 4956 7811
Email: sales@henchman.com.au
Web: https://www.henchman.com.au/

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Henchman Products is an international single-source supplier of premium tools, specialised tooling solutions, repair and calibration services and toolkits for specialised industries such as aerospace, electronics, defence, field and plant service, transportation, mining & energy, assembly & manufacturing and more.


Henchman toolkits with Visual Tool Control and Electronic Tool Control are renowned for their superb quality finish and design and are available for purchase globally.


Whatever your requirements, with our range we empower you to work professionally!



Aircraft Engineers Toolkits, Fly Away Kits, Fitters Kits, Electronic Tool Control Systems, Proto Tools, Tethered Tools, Stahlwille Tools, Wiha Screwdrivers, Knipex Pliers, Fluke Test Equipment, Atten Soldering Equipment, Kester Solder, Desoutter Airtools, Aircraft Reamers, Explorer Cases and much more.