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Case Study: Toolkitting for the RAAF

Henchman Toolboards in the RAAF Hangar in Edinburgh SA

The project

As part of the government’s commitment to replace the ageing P-3C Orion maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft with the next-generation P-8A Poseidon, Defence was redeveloping key basing infrastructure.

AIR 7000 Phase 2 was preparing the critical infrastructure to support the arrival of the 12 strong fleet of aircraft. The $521 million program included capital infrastructure works at key RAAF and Navy facilities that will host P-8 Poseidon aircraft, including Hangar Maintenance and Operational Facilities.

The RAAF needed all tooling to support daily operations and deeper maintenance of the aircraft, supplied in a format suited to a robust tool control procedure.

View the full Case Study (PDF, 578 KB) here.


Our solution

After being selected as the supplier for this project, Henchman initially supplied
the following tooling including two-coloured custom-cut foam and laser etching:

  • Main Hangar Toolboards
  • Flightline Toolboards
  • Specific Workshop Toolboards and Rollcabs including:
    • Structures (in RAAF slang “bashers”, short for “metal bashers”)
    • Armament & Weapons Prep (“gunnies”)
    • Avionics
    • Life Support (maintenance of oxygen breathing equipment, parachutes etc.)
    • Fly-Away Kits – including some kits which are stored permanently on each aircraft
  • Task Specific Kits including:
    • Oxygen Maintenance Kits
    • Wheel Change Kits
    • Soldering Kits
    • Grease & Oil Kits
  • Toolstore Fitout:
    • Shelving
    • High Density Storage Cabinets
    • Custom Foam
    • Consumables


The customers reasons to select Henchman

  1. Henchman was able to quote almost all items required, far more than any other single supplier.
  2. Keeping the customers needs in mind, we included custom foam, custom-built toolboards and laser etching in the quotes, instead of just the pricing for generic storage.
  3. We are a single source supplier that is able to provide a turn-key solution including customisation and etching.
  4. We were able to source a wide range of items other suppliers didn’t have access to.
  5. Although being more affordable, the tools we offered had the same high quality as the more expensive items offered by other suppliers.


Follow-up: Toolkits for the Training Facility

The new $470 million training facility for the P-8A Poseidon was officially opened in August 2018. It includes two flight simulators, a full-scale fuselage ordnance trainer, two air combat officer trainers, and other synthetic and hands-on training devices, and is the largest P-8 training facility outside of the US.

The facility delivers over 39 separate training courses - with maintenance courses using Toolboards supplied by Henchman.


About Henchman

With our extensive range, experience in dealing with the Defence force and years of tooling experience in similar fields in the commercial market, Henchman is a valuable supplier to the Defence Force. We are a listed supplier (cage code ZAE87), compliant with procurement, familiar with the complex purchasing requirements and we stock many NSNs.

Henchman Products is an international supplier of premium tools and toolkits as well as specific tooling solutions for specialised industries such as aerospace, electronics, defence, field and plant service, transportation, mining & energy, assembly & manufacturing and more. Henchman Toolkits are renowned for being of superb quality finish and design and are available for purchase globally.

Over the last 20 years Henchman has gained respect, loyalty and presence in the industry being fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. Henchman Automated Tool Control systems, the henchmanTRAK range, is an advanced electronic tool control system for ensuring tools are never left on an aircraft, as well as improving productivity and saving money and time in searching for and replacing lost tools.

Henchman holds many global distributorships for the worlds best tools, including: Proto Industrial, Knipex, Wiha Premium Tools, Stahlwille Tools and many more.

We operate a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001, reinforcing our dedication to customer service. Henchman has set the benchmark for upplying quality tools to the Aerospace industry.


Download the Case Study (PDF, 578 KB) here.