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Modular Aviation Apprentice Toolkit

Henchman Aviation Apprentice Toolkit Modular Mechanical Toolkit FOD Reduction Tool Control Shadow Foam

Complete your modular Aviation Apprentice Toolkit – Inlay by inlay

When an Aviation Apprentice starts to work with an employer that operates to Part 145 Tool Control standards he or she often finds it very difficult to afford the initial outlay for the toolkit that is required.

High-quality tools and equipment are important for an Aviation Maintenance Toolkit – to avoid breakage and the risk of FOD resulting from dropping or possibly even losing parts of a broken tool. Quality tools also won’t need to be replaced as frequently, saving cost in the long run.

Creating a layout and cutting foam inlays can be a complicated and tedious job, resulting in unorganised toolkits and recutting of foam whenever a tool is added. The toolkit also needs to include Visual Tool Control measures to be compliant with the CASA Part 145 regulations.

To help reduce the initial investment without compromising on quality, we have developed an Aviation Apprentice Toolkit MKA-1 with a Modular Foam System. Starting with a basic set of tools required at the start of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will be able to order additional foam inlays with tools when they become required throughout the course of the training and complete the toolkit inlay by inlay.

  • Lower initial outlay for tools and foam
  • Standardised list of required tools, customisable to your needs
  • Professionally cut foam inlays, saving time and frustration cutting foam

Please contact us for a detailed quote for your Aviation Apprentice Toolkit!

Read more in our PDF here: www.henchman.com.au/apprentice


The Importance of Tool Control
Foreign Object Debris (FOD) at airports includes any object found in an inappropriate location that, as a result of being in that location, can damage equipment or injure personnel. FOD includes a wide range of material, including loose hardware, pavement fragments, catering supplies, building materials, rocks, sand, pieces of luggage, and even wildlife. FOD is found at terminal gates, cargo aprons, taxiways, runways, and run-up pads.

Maintenance FOD relates to various objects, such as tools, materials or small parts that are used in maintenance activities (e.g. aircraft maintenance, construction works, etc.) and can cause damage to the aircraft body or engines if ingested, cut aircraft tyres, lodge in aircraft mechanisms preventing them from operating properly or injure people when being propelled.

To reduce the risk of FOD, the Civil Aviation Safety Agency (CASA) has published a Regulatory System called Part 145 which deals with the approval of aircraft maintenance organisations and outlines what they need to do to make sure no tool or other piece of equipment is left in, on or around an aircraft. 

Shadow Foam consists of two layers: a bright base and a black top layer. Every tool has an allocated place, so that it’s easy to find. And if a tool is missing from its slot, the bright colour of the base foam will let you see instantly that this tool is in use and needs to be returned. This is called Visual Tool Control.