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Best Torch Lights of 2024


There are a ton of lighting options ranging from handheld personal lighting to site lights with more than 100,000 lumens of output. Today, we shed some light on the best flashlight and headlamp options currently available.


Our Top Picks


Source: Nightstick


Torch or Headlamp – Which is better?

When it comes to overall power and battery life, flashlights seem to be the winner, because they aren’t limited in size and weight – compared to a headlamp that needs to be comfortable to wear. However, modern headlamps with state-of-the-art LEDs and batteries are not far behind with durability and battery life. Plus, they are more flexible, leaving your hands free.

If you have to hold a flashlight for a longer period of time, your arm will get tired. Headlamps are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, headlamps provide extra security since they rarely slip or fall off. You won't have to worry about your torchlight falling and breaking or even just rolling away. Since the light is fastened to your head or your safety helmet, you are sure to always have lighting in the direction of your vision. 

On the other hand, headlamps only shine in the exact direction you're facing. When your eyes focus on the very bright area, the areas to the side may seem even darker.  This can give you “tunnel vision”.

With the high-functionality most models now boast, and the fact you have both hands free during use, headlamps seem to be the clear winner. But the choice between a handheld or a headtorch very much comes down to personal preference and your specific application.


Our Top Rated Torch and Headlamp Brands

Nightstick – Life Depends on Light

Whether you’re working on the inside of an aeroplane engine, hunting at night, stuck in a cave, or working in a flammable environment, Nightstick has all your lighting needs covered with its range of LED torches.

The company’s intrinsically safe dual and single light flashlights are cETLus, ATEX, UKCA, and INMETRO listed for use in hazardous locations both above and below ground where explosive gases and dust may be present.

Dual-light flashlights and torches offer a brightness of up to 240 lumens through a 120-lumen LED and high-efficiency parabolic reflector to create a useable beam rated at 170 metres, while an integrated 120-lumen unfocused floodlight provides close-up illumination.

Single-light units employ a 140-lumen LED that works in conjunction with a high-efficiency parabolic reflector to create a useable flashlight beam rated at 180 metres. Both Dual and Single light models can also be equipped with magnets for limitless hands-free usage.

For those looking for a more compact portable lighting solution, Nightstick offers the Penlight with 30 or 50 lumens. These devices are cETLus, ATEX Zone 0, IECEx, INMETRO, UKCA, and MSHA listed as Intrinsically Safe Permissible, while also being ultra-compact and slim to illuminate very tight spaces.

If protection against water is a must-have, Nightstick offers the TAC-300B Polymer Tactical LED Flashlight rated at 180 lumens to create a beam range of 190 metres. Its waterproof design combined with impact and chemical-resistant glass-filled nylon polymer makes the TAC-300 one of the toughest tactical lights around.

For those looking to replicate the sun, Nightstick also offers the Xtreme Lumens Multi-Function Metal Tactical Flashlight which can produce a useable beam rated at 205 metres through an 800-lumen LED.

Catering to those who still need a torch but don’t have a free hand to hold it is the Dual Light Multi-Function Headlamp. This device utilises a long-throw spotlight and a close-area floodlight rated at 100 and 60 lumens, respectively.


Source: Nightstick


Led Lenser – Illuminate the Furthest and Darkest Corners of the World

As an international market leader in LED flashlights and headlamps, Led Lenser is obsessed with creating light in the furthest and darkest corners of the world with just the press of a button.

The company’s P7 LED Torch leverages the latest LED technology to create a beam that stretches up to 300 metres from 450 lumens. Led Lenser’s patented Advanced Focus System allows users to switch from a defocused beam for wide and close-range illumination to a narrow and long-distance beam.

The P7R Core LED Torch takes things a step further by including Smart Light Technology and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

For those working in hazardous environments, the EX7 Intrinsically Safe LED Torch features an ergonomic magnetic switch that is easy to operate with the clunkiest protective equipment. The EX7 is rated 60-200 lumens and can produce a beam that stretches up to 120 metres.


Source: Led Lenser


Nightsearcher – Staunchly Reliable, Extremely Durable, and Easy-to-Use

Since 1989, Nightsearcher has been focused on providing high-performance, easy-to-use portable and rechargeable lighting solutions for sectors with strict requirements, and situations where reliable lighting is critical but not easily accessible.

The EX60 is an intrinsically safe compact LED flashlight that is considered ideal for use by emergency services and utility companies. With its water and shockproof high-vis yellow plastic case, this device can generate a 130-metre beam from a 60-lumen LED.


MAGLITE – A Work of Art That Works

Considered to be the “Cadillac of flashlights” by the Wall Street Journal, MAGLITE has been setting new standards for personal-sized flashlights since 1979.

With honours from the Japan Institute of Design and the Museum of Applied Art in Germany, MAGLITE’s rugged and reliable anodized aluminium flashlights are considered to be works of art that work.

The Mini MAGLITE is a solid, sleek, and scorchingly bright LED flashlight that offers a high and low-power mode which offers a maximum brightness of 127 lumens, or a maximum run time of up to 25 hours.




Milwaukee – Change the Game with High-Performance Personal Lighting

Leveraging a built-in battery with USB charging to deliver high-performance light output from a compact light, Milwaukee personal lights are perfect for working in tight spaces.

The HL-SF Spot/Flood LED Headlamp delivers 450 lumens to produce a 100-metre spot beam and a wide flood beam, and a run time of up to 25 hours. The device is also perfect for hard-hat wearers with four universal hard-hat clips included.

Capable of surviving in the toughest of conditions, the HL-SF headlamp is IP52 rated for water and dust resistance, while also being able to withstand drops up to 2 metres.


Source: Milwaukee


Coast – Tough-as-Nails Lighting for Rough Work

According to Coast, the design for every one of their products starts with a strong dose of real people, real work, and real needs. Engineered in state-of-the-art labs to survive in the most gruelling working conditions, Coast’s range of lights doesn’t need gadgetry or gimmicks to get the job done.

The Polysteel 600 Pure Beam LED Flashlight is constructed from a heat-welded and ultra-durable polyethylene exterior with a stainless-steel core, making it storm-proof, crush-proof, drop-proof, and dust-resistant.

With a maximum of 1000 lumens available, the Polysteel 600 can produce a beam that stretches 267 metres on high, while lasting for up to 38 hours on low. The Pure Beam optical system and Twist Focus technology allow users to seamlessly transition between the Ultra View Flood Beam and the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam.


Source: Coast


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Henchman is an international single-source supplier of premium tools, specialised tooling solutions, and toolkits renowned for their superb quality finish and design.

Established in 1999, Henchman has vast experience in creating toolkitting with in-house CNC cutting facilities for high-density foam inlays, and the range of highly innovative henchmanTRAK Electronic Tool Control Solutions.

As a result, Henchman has become a well-recognised turnkey solution provider across the globe for aircraft tooling.