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Case Study: Electronic Tool Control at the Christchurch Engine Center

Case Study Christchurch Engine Center henchmanTRAK Electronic Tool Control Aerospace

Our customer, a large Aviation MRO facility in Christchurch, New Zealand, was looking at the available options for Electronic Tool Control (ETC). They introduced the henchmanTRAK system into their Test Cell in 2018. After weighing up the pros and cons of all the tested systems, they came to the decision to elect Henchman to be the supplier of their new ETC.


The customers decision
One of the main reasons was the ability to customize the rollcab to meet the customers specifications and specialized tools without compromising their needs. In addition, the tracking system fulfilled all their expectations. The Henchman team worked with the customer and offered suggestions on tool selection and layout and, prior to cutting and assembly, gave them detailed designs of each drawer.

To have an electronic system that removes human error from tool accountability, that is easy to use, has proven itself to track and trace with accuracy in a multi person/shift operation has been a great step forward to ensure airworthiness and product integrity.


The benefits of Electronic Tool Control

  • Fast & Effortless: Find tools faster, monitor broken/service and replacement
  • Safe: Check if complete (Part 145/FOD)
  • Transparent: Tools missing, service/replacement needed – on screen / in app
  • Efficient: Safe time and money looking for misplaced tools
  • Custom-build: Fully customizable and scalable to your requirements


About Henchman
Henchman Products is an international single-source supplier of premium tools, specialised tooling solutions and toolkits for specialised industries such as aerospace. Henchman Toolkits are renowned for their superb quality finish and design and are available for purchase globally.

Over the last 20 years Henchman has set a benchmark and has gained respect, loyalty and presence in the Aerospace industry.

We operate a ISO9001:2015 approved Quality Management System and hold many global distributorships for the worlds best tools, including: Proto Industrial, Knipex, Wiha Premium Tools, Stahlwille Tools and many more.

Whatever your requirements, with our range we can empower you to track your tools accurately.


Find out more about our henchmanTRAK system on henchmanTRAK.com

Or read the whole Christchurch Engine Center Case Study (PDF 1.39MB)