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Case Study: Choosing the right rugged Tablet for our HenchmanTRAK system

Case Study: Choosing the right rugged Tablet for our HenchmanTRAK system

In 2015, we were looking for a rugged touch-controlled display for the very first prototype of our Electronic Tool Control System HenchmanTRAK.

We needed a tablet that 

  • had all the right connections to be permanently installed on the HenchmanTRAK units.
  • was able to withstand the high temperatures of an Australian summer in the Northern Territory as well as the low temperatures of a winter in Victoria.
  • didn't have a camera, so that it could be used by the Australian Defence.
  • was readable in bright sunlight.

We quickly realised that we'd need a cutomised solution, but couldn't find a manufacturer that was able to supply it at an affordable price. That's when we discovered DURABOOK at a tradeshow in Brisbane, Australia. Convinced about their product features and certifications, we ordered a test model customised to our requirements.


“We found the DURABOOK tablets to be highly reliable units and found DURABOOK to be an extremely professional company.” 
Alisdair Chambers, CEO


Henchman has been supplying a customised version of the DURABOOK R11 tablet on our kabTRAK roll cabinets and portaTRAK toolkit scales ever since.

Read the full Case Study here: Case Study: DURABOOK Rugged Tablets for the HenchmanTRAK system (PDF, 247KB)


Why should I choose DURABOOK?

There are a few competitors in the market offering rugged or ruggedised tablets and laptops. While the basic specifications and certifications might be quite similar, Durabook has a few advantages. Having their own production, they are able to offer new technologies, upgrades and custom-build models in a lot shorter amount of time than their competitors.

For consumers: Durabook standard models like the R11 tablet or S14I laptop are certified to all necessary standards, are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and dropproof to a certain height. Therefore making them a good choice for your every day application at an affordable price.

For companies: Durabook has the ability to custom-build rugged tablets and laptops to your specific requirements even in small numbers. High-end models like the Z14I laptop or U11I tablet (now also available with a detachable keyboard) are certified to withstand even the harshest environments, making them suitable for long-term usage in the field. 


Why is DURABOOK different?

Durabook Rugged Tablet and Laptop in AustraliaState-of-the-art Technology: Durabook offers latest Intel® generation processors, packed with great performance and visuals into a compact form. Plus, the high-speed data transmission capability of newest Intel® Dual Band Wireless and Bluetooth® V5.0 means smooth, congestion-free processing at all times.

Compact Built for all Purposes: Compact design and rich range of built-in connectivity options to maximize the efficiency for those who work in extreme conditions. Durabook redefines what a rugged mobile device should be and make its products the world’s thinnest and lightest in its class.

DynaVue® – Detail at a Glance: Durabook’s proprietary DynaVue® technology offers the highest contrast ratio, which helps to eliminate internal reflections that enhance viewing clarity even from different angles, and in bright sunshine or low light conditions.
The 10-point capacitive multi-touch panel has four Touch Modes (Glove, Stylus, Water, Finger), optimizing use of the device for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Built for all Environments: With invincible mechanical design and rigorous component selection, Durabook products adapt to any environments flawlessly. They are MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F certified, ANSI 12.12.01 C1D2 certified, and IP rated, assuring shock, drop and vibration protection. Experience peak performance in dust, humidity and extreme temperatures – whether in freezing cold -30°C or hot temperatures of +60°C - which makes it more rugged than ever.

Faster Lead Time and flexible Customization: Durabook products are built with modular design for easy addition of feature. For more extensive customized products, we provide a rich pool of design collaterals. From boards, displays to chassis, we can build to your need quickly and economically. They are committed to excellent service, offering fast delivery time, flexible customization service and a complete warranty package to ensure user satisfaction.


Hardware specially designed for your industry

Manufacturing & Maintenance: Effective mobile devices to optimize your productivity - Empower your workforce with flexible, efficient devices that maximize productivity. Durabook tablets and laptops are packed with features that get you to work faster and more efficient. Working without limits.

Transportation & Logistics: Maximize worker utilization and improve logistics performance - Durabook innovative product lineup ensures your operations are running smoothly. By improving agility and productivity through real-time access into your supply chain processes, your workforce can fulfill their duties even more efficiently.

Field Service & Mining: Rugged Devices designed to empower you on the Front Line - Dependable technology is essential to produce and deliver exceptional projects under any deadline. Get the necessary Durabook device you need that improve work process, security and functionality, no matter where your workplace is.

Public Safety: Cutting-edge mobile devices to provide greater efficiency - Handy and efficient mobile devices support your workforce and keep data and everyone safe in real time. Durabook devices are assisting your organization to improve the workflow and make things easier, helping you protect and serve the public.

Government & Defence: Computing Devices for Operational Success - Durabook fully rugged products are built to withstand extreme conditions and meet the increased demands of field use. Certified for military standards, Durabook devices support you to meet your missions and protect your most important asset: data.


DURABOOK Rugged Electronic Devices in Australia

Combining productivity, functionality and tailored services, Durabook serve a growing demand for specialized business applications and heavy-use environments to support an expanding universe of solutions empowering a mobile workforce.

Durabook appointed Henchman Products as their authorized partner for Australia due to their long-standing business relationship, aligned target industries and customer focus, as both companies thrive to provide quality solutions to high-end technicians and engineers. Henchman will be the first company to represent Durabook with a local presence, warehouse, services and technical support within Australia.

Durabook’s unmatched rugged computers ensure you get what you expect, purpose-built devices for every professional.