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Why henchmanTRAK?

Brochure HenchmanTRAK Automated Tool Control Solutions

Automated Tool Tracking with Electronic Tool Control Solution HenchmanTRAK


Who needs Automated Tool Control? 

Regardless if you are working in the aerospace, construction, field service, automotive or mining industry, leaving your tools in an open area or in an area where multiple people have access to them throughout the day, can lead to misplaced or lost tools on the job site.

Not being able to find tools when you need them is more than just an inconvenience. The time spent looking for them eats into the productivity of your organisation.

The simplest solution suitable for every kind of company is Visual Tool Control with two-coloured foam inlays - stationary, mobile and transportable sets, for everything from servicing atm machines and copiers, to maintaining and repairing mountainbikes, army vehicles, mining trucks, railway tracks and manufacturing facilities.

For Aerospace companies (including rotary and fixed wing), CASR Part 145 requires suitable accountability of tools/equipment, suitable procedures to avoid FOD and correct calibration management of tools/test equipment within specified date requirements. Meeting these requirements can be seen as creating a whole lot of extra work, red tape and delays when time is so precious. Is this how your company feels?


Why do you need Electronic Tool Control?

Electronic Tool Control reduces tool shrinkage, replacement cost and downtime due to lost tools. It offers centralized control of your essential hand and power tools. And it allows for customized badge access to storage units, provides an audit trail, and helps minimize the risk of FOD.


Why choose the kabTRAK storage cabinet by henchmanTRAK?

There are less than a handful of companies who produce anything along the lines of Automated Tool Control, and even from this handful most are unable to manage small items like 1/4 inch Drive Sockets, Screwdriver Bits, Cutting Tools, etc.

When the discussion of electronic tool control comes up many think RFID is the state-of-the-art solution, where in fact it is almost impossible to successfully tag all the required small tools. Successfully reading all tags when a kit may comprise of 1,000 plus tools in a cabinet is highly unlikely.

Tagging of tools can work sucessfully on larger tools, but even so it is expensive both initially and ongoing, it can obstruct safe tool usage and be a FOD issue in itself, when a tag comes off.

So, moving away from RFID, there is a solution which does not require any tool modification (ie: no tagging), covering exactly what is needed for aircraft tools and is the fastest system available - the henchmanTRAK system

Being the most comprehensive solution in the industry, you receive full accountability and will be able to know in real-time

  • which tools are in use
  • who is using them and when
  • on which aircraft they are used
  • if they are broken and need to be replaced
  • if they need to be calibrated

Tools that are due for calibration or have been marked unservicable can not be removed from the toolkit and used on an aircraft, reducing the risk of damage to equipment, personal injury and FOD due to tool debris. 


HenchmanTRAK Automated Tool Control Brochure

New Automated Tool Control Solution Brochure

How is the henchmanTRAK Electronic Tool Control system different from other technologies and why is it the better choice?

This brochure shows you

  • 9 distinct benefits of the kabTRAK system

  • comparison of kabTRAK with other known tracking technologies

  • possible cabinet sizes and drawer configurations


Download it here and contact us to book your personal zoom demonstration!