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Air Dusters

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Electrolube ADP Airduster Plus AEROSOL 400ml

Product Code: EADP400

Non-Flammable Air Duster Plus - Electrolube EADP400 Airduster Plus AEROSOL 400ml Electrolube's EADP is a high powered compressed gas 'Air...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 21.51(inc GST)

Stock incoming, please request lead time


Electrolube GDP Airduster High Power AEROSOL 400ml

Product Code: EDGP400134A

High Powered Air Duster - Electrolube EGDP400 Airduster High Power AEROSOL 400ml Electrolube's Airduster aerosols of pure, compressed,...

Brand: Electrolube

$AUD 23.12(inc GST)

Lead time 3-5 Days


Microcare Air Duster

Product Code: MCC-DST107

Blows dust and grit from keyboards, optics, machinery and circuitry Nonflammable for maximum safety High-pressure High-purity, leaves no residues...

Brand: Microcare

$AUD 33.80(inc GST)

Lead time 6 Weeks


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