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ESD Labels

Make your ESD sensitive work area safe with our wide range of static control equipment including personal grounding like ESD Clothing, ESD Heelstraps, Palm fit Gloves | Top Fit Gloves and ESD Wrist straps | Antistatic Wrist straps, as well as workstation items like ESD Mats, ESD Testers, ESD Ionizers, ESD Chairs, ESD Flooring, ESD PCB Racks Conductive Storage Bins and Conductive Tote Boxes.

Henchman imports the Charleswater, Desco and various other brands of ESD Static Control products.

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Desco ESD Label Sticker Roll of 500

Product Code: 91302

ESD Label Sticker, sensitivity label. Superior quality paper label for a range of applications, inclduing closing ESD bags and labelling storage...

Brand: Charleswater

$AUD 40.27(inc GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 6 weeks


ESD Label 15x50mm

Product Code: CE421-301

ESD Label(sensitivity label). Superior quality paper label for closing ESD bags and other packaging applications. 500 labels per roll.

$AUD 22.61(inc GST)

Lead time 3 weeks


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