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ESD Sprays

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Conductive Floor Paint, Desco

Product Code: 71017

Conductive Floor Paint. Grey conductive floor paint in accordance with MIL-HDBK-263-B for manufacturing and test areas. • 105 OHMS...

Brand: Charleswater

$AUD 1510.00(ex GST)

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Mat Cleaner Surface Cleaner,

Product Code: 71021

• Static dissipative solution: Rp 10E8 ohms. • Cleans and restores ESD mats. • Does not contain...

Brand: Charleswater

$AUD 36.62(ex GST)

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Topical Antistatic Spray,

Product Code: 71034

• Antistatic, low tribocharging. • Keeps triboelectric charges well below 200 volts per EN 61340-5-1. • Long...

Brand: Charleswater

$AUD 39.00(ex GST)

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