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Mini Grinders and Engravers

Straight and Angle Grinders, Corded and Cordless Grinders

A Grinder is the most versatile tool in the box and should be a staple in any workshop. An angle grinder with the right grinding abrasives can replace numerous tools and tackles the most tedious, labour intensive jobs fast and easy.

Browse our range of pneumatic grinders, angle and straight grinders, cordless and corded grinders by well-known international brands like Desoutter, Taylor, Dotco, and Sioux.

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Air Scriber Engraving Pen Non-Replaceable Point

Product Code: CP9160

Air Scriber (non-replaceable point)

$AUD 245.81(ex GST)

Lead time 1-2 weeks


Air Scriber Engraving Pen Replaceable Point

Product Code: CP9361-1

Air Scriber (replaceable point)

Brand: CP Chicago Pneumatics

$AUD 766.67(ex GST)

Lead time 1-2 weeks


Air Scriber Engraving Pen Replacement

Product Code: 63213

Replacement Needle

$AUD 82.50(ex GST)

Please request lead time


Cratex 801 Rotary Tool

Product Code: CTX801

Max safe speed for Cratex Rubberised Points is 25,000 RPM. Best results are usually obtained at 30% to 80% of Maximum safe speed. Use light work...

Brand: Cratex Abrasives

$AUD 2938.75(ex GST)

Lead time 2-3 weeks


Cratex CTX800 Mini Rotary Handpiece 3/32 inch Collet

Product Code: CTX800

• Stainless steel and aluminium construction • Nylon braided hose with muffler • Suits Cratex Rubber Abrasive...

Brand: Cratex Abrasives

$AUD 1750.00(ex GST)

Lead time 2-3 weeks


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