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Adjustable Wrench Shifters VDE

Insulated Hand Tools and Dipped Pliers

Insulated hand tools for work on live cables for electricians to protect from electrical related accidents such as electrocution. All tools by Knipex and Friedrich are certified according to VDE / EN / IEC 60900 and tested with 10,000V.

Pliers and cutters with dipped insulation are extremely important when working on a live circuit, especially when it is not possible to disconnect the circuit, or it is unsure if working on a live circuit. 

All other VDE Pliers can be found under Pliers.

Browse our range of insulated screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches and spanners or shifters, hex-keys, pliers, shears, multigrips, pliers and cutters with dipped multi-layer insulation by brands including Knipex and Friedrich.

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Friedrich Adjustable Wrench VDE Insulated

Product Code: (269063 / 269087 / 269100 / 269124)

Adjustable Wrench, insulated, jaw angle 15°, made of alloyed and hardened steel, with scale, chrome plated, multilayer safety dip-insulation...

Brand: Friedrich Insulated Tools


Multiple options available:


Knipex 98 07 250 Adjustable Wrench Adjustable 260mm

Product Code: 98 07 250

Parallel smooth gripping jawsContinuously variable gripping widthWith scaling for presetting the width apart from the...

Brand: Knipex

$AUD 137.76(inc GST)

Lead time about 4 weeks


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