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Tsunoda Electronic Side Cutters

Pliers, Grips, Cutters and Shears

We stock all kinds of pliers, cutters, shears and grips from international renown brands like Knipex, Wiha, Stahlwille, Proto, Tsunoda, Lindstrom, Piergiacomi and others.

Our extensive range include all types, shapes and prices – from high quality to economical – for a variety of applications like cutting wire, bolts, plastics, pipes or sheet metal, twisting, bending, forming, depanelling, clamping or fastening, including diagonal cutters, round-nose pliers, crimping pliers, bolt cutters, stripping pliers, needle nose pliers, monier pliers, cable cutters, circlip pliers, installation pliers, diagonal cutters, combination pliers, needle nose pliers, cable cutters, water pump pliers and much more. For Electronics Manufacturing we offer Electronic needle nose pliers, Electronic diagonal cutter, ESD needle nose pliers, ESD diagonal cutter and VDE 1000V insulated pliers and cutters for electricians. 

Pliers with dipped insulation can be found under Insulated Tools.

KNIPEX, Stahlwille and Wiha pliers and cutters all stand for quality made in Germany. Knipex is considered the worldwide leading pliers manufacturer for professional users in trade and industry. 

Wirestrippers and Electronic stripping pliers can be found in a separate category.

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Keiba Side Cutter

Product Code: MN-A05

Keiba Precision Side Cutter. 0.2-2.0mm Copper. Japanese Midget side cutters are very acceptable production level cutters.

Brand: Keiba

$AUD 39.99(inc GST)

Lead time 4 weeks


Tsunoda TM01 Side Cutter 119mm

Product Code: TM01

Tsunoda Precision Side Cutter. A Japanese made plier offering incredible performance at an affordable level. Made of top grade steel. Comfortable,...

Brand: Tsunoda

$AUD 33.26(inc GST)

Stock incoming, please request lead time


Tsunoda TM10 Oblique Tip Cutter 122mm

Product Code: TM10

Tsunoda Precision Oblique Tip Cutter. A Japanese made plier offering incredible performance as an affordable level. Made of top grade steel....

Brand: Tsunoda

$AUD 36.34(inc GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 4 weeks


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