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Insert Bit Sets

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Security Bit Set 100 Pieces

Product Code: EW-100

Alpha Security Bit Set EW-100, moulded plastic box 1/4 inch hex drive assorted Security and driver bits. Contents: ...

Brand: Alpha

$AUD 38.24(inc GST)

Available 1-2 days


Security Bit Set 33 Pieces

Product Code: 42133

CONTENTS: 1 x TXSE825, 1 x TXSE1025, 1 x TXSE1525, 1 x TXSE2025, 1 x TXSE2525, 1 x TXSE2725, 1 x TXSE3025, 1 x...

Brand: Alpha

$AUD 18.82(inc GST)

Available 1-2 days


Wiha 39049 Bit Set FlipSelector 25 mm 13 PCS

Product Code: 39049

Always ready to use - the Wiha Bit set FlipSelector! Slide the Wiha logo down to unlock, and the bits are immediately available for...

Brand: Wiha Tools

Request Price(inc GST)

Please request lead time


Wiha Insert Bit Set 31 Pieces 1/4 inch Standard 25mm

Product Code: 7979-01

Housing: Practical, rugged plastic box.Bits: 25 mm Standard bits.Bit holder: Universal holder, magnetic....

Brand: Wiha Tools

$AUD 82.27(inc GST)

Lead time about 4 Weeks


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