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Soldering Tweezers

Soldering Stations, Stands and Handpieces

We offer an extensive range of high quality soldering stations, desoldering stations and rework stations for all kinds of high precision solder jobs. Our range includes analogue and digital soldering stations by well-known international brands like Hakko, JBC, Atten, Weller, Thermaltronics and Pace.

Browse our range of soldering stations, stands, handpieces, soldering irons, butane irons, tweezers and soldering spares like cartridges, tips and nozzles, sponges, tip temperature meters and desoldering pumps.

Soldering Consumables can be found in a seperate category.

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Atten GT-N100 Tweezer Handpiece 100W

Product Code: GT-N100

Atten GT-N100 Tweezer Handpiece 100W For use with Atten GT Line Soldering Stations GT-6150, GT-6200, GT-5150 Complete handle...

Brand: Atten Soldering Station

Request Price(inc GST)

Please request lead time


Hakko FM2022 Parallel Remover Large Tweezer Kit

Product Code: HFM2022-04

The Hakko FM2022 SMD Parallel Remover uses revolutionary parallel action between the tip ends (one tip remains stationary) allowing greater...

Brand: Hakko Soldering

$AUD 500.31(inc GST)

Lead time 3-5 days


Hakko FM2023 Parallel Remover Mini Tweezer

Product Code: HFM2023-04

The FM2023-05 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Tool (Conversion Kit) is a Conversion Kit designed to be used together with HAKKO FM203 or HAKKO FM206...

Brand: Hakko Soldering

$AUD 756.69(inc GST)

Lead time 3-5 days


Hakko FX8804 Hot SMD Tweezers 26V 65W

Product Code: HFX8804-04

Hakko FX8804 Hot SMD Tweezers 26V 65W - Hot tweezers designed exclusively for HAKKO FX-888D, FX-889, FR-701 and FR-702 FX-8804 enables...

Brand: Hakko Soldering

$AUD 428.96(inc GST)

Please request lead time


JBC HT420-A Thermal Tweezer Handpiece

Product Code: HT420-A

The JBC HT420 Thermal Tweezers are designed for soldering and desoldering SMDs such as QFP, PLCC, SOIC, etc.. The JBC HT420 Thermal...

Brand: JBC Soldering

$AUD 236.50(inc GST)

Lead time 1 week


JBC Micro Tweezers

Product Code: PA120-A

The JBC PA120 Micro Tweezers provide a perfect solution for fast and precise SMD rework of chip components and small / medium SOP from PCB...

Brand: JBC Soldering

$AUD 280.90(inc GST)

Lead time If stock in Country


JBC Nano Tweezer Handpiece

Product Code: NP105-A

The JBC NP105-A Nano Tweezers are the smallest tweezers for repairing very small-sized components requiring the greatest precision such as chips...

Brand: JBC Soldering

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Lead time 1 week


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