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Special Application Spanners

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Stahlwille 1023 Special Ring Spanner

Product Code: 41110013

Special ring spanner single ended, angled, size 13, use on mounting screws of injection pump.

Brand: Stahlwille Tools

$AUD 52.11(inc GST)

Lead time About 4 Weeks


Stahlwille 1058 Oil Service Spanner

Product Code: 44730810

Bent, size 8 and 10 mm outside square. For drain plugs on sump, gearbox, differential.

Brand: Stahlwille Tools

$AUD 78.68(inc GST)

Lead time About 4 Weeks


Stahlwille 25Gk Ratchet Ring Spanner 8 x 12mm

Product Code: 41180812

Ratchet ring spanner angled, extra long,for hard-to-reach heater plugs (e.g. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, VW/Audi), size 8 for...

Brand: Stahlwille Tools

$AUD 158.91(inc GST)

Lead time About 4 Weeks


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