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Fluke C10 Holster

Product Code: C10

Brand: Fluke Test Equipment

$AUD 67.30(ex GST)

Lead time 10 days


Fluke H5 Holster Belt Accessory

Product Code: H5

Rugged fabric holster includes flap for lead storage and built-in belt loop Fits Fluke T3 and T5 testers One year warranty

Brand: Fluke Test Equipment

$AUD 76.00(ex GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 10 days


Fluke H6 IR Pistol Holster for 6366 and 68

Product Code: H6

Durable nylon construction protects your thermometer while keeping it within reach Cuff hook attachment closure provide quick access and a secure...

Brand: Fluke Test Equipment

$AUD 112.00(ex GST)

Lead time 10 days


Fluke H80M Protective Holster

Product Code: H80M

Now 80 Series owners can benefit from the Fluke Magnetic Hanging System. The easy-to-clean, snap-on holster absorbs shocks and protects your DMM,...

Brand: Fluke Test Equipment

$AUD 112.00(ex GST)

Lead time 10 days


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