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Outer Sheath Removal

In our large range of wirestrippers you can find the ideal hand tool for your application needs. From Mil Spec Strippers for Defence, Fibre Optic Strippers for Electronics to more simple Outer Sheath Removers and Wire Ringers.

Please find general Connector and Cable Tools in a seperate category.

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Cable Slitter Outer Sheath Slitter

Product Code: HT325B

Sheath stripper with finger action swivel blade. 4.5-25mm

$AUD 49.05(inc GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 4 weeks


Piergiacomi SC 2/S Sheath Stripper

Product Code: SC 2/S

Cable stripper with adjustable internal blade for Ø 8-28 mm cables. Supplied with a spare blade inside.

Brand: Piergiacomi

$AUD 21.56(inc GST)

In Stock

Lead time for higher quantities 3 weeks


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