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Container ToolCrib Setup Henchman Products

Custom Fitout and Storage

Our customized toolkits are scalable and come in almost every shape and size. The currently largest option is a mobile toolcrib container fitted with workbenches and storage for tools, toolkits and equipment.

Using our Electronic Tool Control system henchmanTRAK, every user and the tool or toolkit issues and returns are recorded, providing accountability at all times. Tools can also be reported as broken or in need for a service. Due to our Cloud Server, the tool status dashboard can be viewed remotely on a mobile device or desktop computer, significantly reducing the time spend on stocktake and ordering replacements or booking services – for both the crew on site and the backoffice.

The use of Tool Control significantly reduces the money spend on lost and misplaced tools, the risk of foreign object damage and the downtime looking for a tool or repairing the damage, which is a much larger and often difficult cost to estimate. 

Your benefits:

  • Equipment safely stored close to the jobsite
  • Tools and toolkits accounted for at all times
  • Detailed insight of stock movement and status for supervisors and backoffice
  • Saves money and time spend on lost tools and downtime of machinery