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Henchman Products in the Transportation Industry Transport Rail Maintenance


For the efficient Manufacturing and Maintenance of Trucks, Trains, Busses, Heavy Machinery, Trams, Marine and Submarine, high quality tools for safe tightening and fastening applications are crucial for safety, compliance quality and production efficiency. The quality of your products is key for high customer satisfaction and safety, as well as low cost for replacing or repairing failure or breakage. And using high quality fastening tools will make sure the joint is done right the first time.

In a toolkit with shadow foam for visual tool control there is an allocated place for every tool, reducing downtime caused by searching for lost tools and increasing efficiency. It will let you instantly see which tools are in use. Laser etching the toolkit number onto the tools will also let you know which toolkit a tool belongs to.

For organisations seeking the ultimate efficiency and peace of mind we have developed an electronic tool control system. The henchmanTRAK range has embedded technology to give instant electronic visibility of all tools in use, by whom and on which job.

Henchman Products is a turnkey solution toolkit provider with over 20 years experience in finding specific solutions to our customers individual requirements - allowing us to deliver a superior service, product and price. With our expert knowledge about critical joints, health and safety regulations we are a long-standing recognised supplier that listens to your needs and provides you with the ideal solution. Our comprehensive range encompasses sheetmetal, assembly and fastening, crimping and cable tools, that often can't be found elsewhere, from brands such as Proto, Knipex, Stahlwille, Atlas Copco, Desoutter, Wiha, Fluke, Friedrich and more: