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Henchman Products in the Aerospace Industry


Aircraft Technicians and Maintenance Engineers require premium quality professional tools presented in toolkits designed to ensure effective visual tool control. The risk of accidentially misplacing or losing a tool in a critical area of an aircraft is commonly known as FOD (Foreign Object Debris or Foreign Object Damage). Having a toolkit with shadow foam and laser marked tools is the first step to creating an effective tool control system, reducing the risk of FOD, improving productivity, saving money and time in searching for and replacing lost tools.

Aviation Safety Authorities have policies requiring tool control to reduce FOD (Defence or Commercial bodies such as EASA, CASA, DASA, FAA, MAA etc.). The Regulation Part 145 requires an organisation to demonstrate effective tool control. Henchman helps our customers to be compliant by providing the very best in custom toolkits with visual tool control foam inlays and laser etched identification.

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Henchman Aerospace has earned a global reputation as a leading turnkey toolkit provider and single source supplier for all tools and equipment. We listen to your specific needs and design the custom toolkit best fit for your individual challenge that can be easily modified and quickly reordered.

We offer toolkits for

For organisations seeking the ultimate efficiency and peace of mind we have developed an electronic tool control system. In addition to custom dual colour foam inserts and laser marking the henchmanTRAK range has embedded technology to give instant electronic visibility of all tools in use, by whom and against which aircraft.

Henchman Products offers a comprehensive range unmatched in Australia. We hold many global distributorships for the worlds best tools, including: Proto Industrial, Stahlwille, Knipex, Desoutter, Atlas Copco, Dotco, Astro Tool, Ideal Industries, Fluke, Weller, as well as many others, last but not least an increasing range of popular tools under the Henchman brand.